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수서역 매장 구조도
  • 매장전경
    Samsong Bakery - Renowned bakery with 60 years of tradition
    Homemade bread with 60 years of tradition.
    It is popular for its baked croquettes and whole-meal corn bread.
  • 매장전경
    Lotteria - Quick & Smart Store
    It is equipped with self-checkout counters and seats in various arrangements for businessmen and solo clients.
  • 매장전경
    Angel-in-us Coffee - Travel Books & Specialty Cafe
    It is equipped with a counter exclusively for takeout drinks.
    It has meeting spaces for businesspeople who visit the place.
  • 매장전경
    The Food House - Express casual dining
    It is known for its one-dish premium menu cooked with healthy ingredients.
    Take-out is available.
  • 매장전경
    7-Eleven - A Store With a Smart Pick System
    The store is mainly composed of items that have a high level of customer preferences.
    It uses the smart payment system.
  • 매장전경
    Gimbap Su - Simple meals and snack take-out
    This is a take-out store.
    It serves simple meals and traditional Korean beverages.
  • 매장전경
    Krispy Kreme
    It sells take-out doughnut desserts.
  • 매장전경
    Dosirak - Take-out lunchbox store
    It is equipped with lunch box vending machines for better service efficiency.
    It also has a take-out only counter for busy customers.
  • 매장전경
    McNulty Health & Beauty Café - SR’s health & beauty café
    It has an open space that customers can freely use.
    It serves simple meals and traditional Korean beverages.